Hi Carwyn — indeed, yes. Thank you Paul. I had assumed due to economics that there would be a ceiling where an external phono amp would outperform an internal.

And thanks for your page. The Schiit Mani has arrived. You were indeed correct, the light on the front is capable of retina burning. Some tape as advised has been applied. I am considering the Audiolab A vs the Heed Elixir both of which you rated very highly. Do you have a preference and why?

I generally find mid price solid state to lack rich mids, and add an unnatural edge or brightness in place of real detail. I want to be immersed in the beauty and delicacy of sounds. I want a large airey sounstage in all directions. A beautiful performance should bring tears to my eyes. But I want detail too, not edge. Hi Gary — indeed, I dislike the those sonic elements you listed too. Would you be able to tell me if the A is takes a clinical approach to music, and whether the Heed Elixir takes a soft approach but expresses emotion better?

Which of these 2 amps do you think would fit that description best? Hi Gary — neither are bright. The A is tonally more balanced as it handles bass in a mature fashion. If you were in search of an amplifier in this price range, which of the 2 amps would you buy for yourself, based strictly on sound? Audiolab A or Heed Elixir? They all perform well. I like the Audiolab because of its tonal balance and how it handles bass. Which one would be your pick?

As is, though, the A. Hi Paul, Thank you for your always well-written reviews! I have a question about the A DAC. I was at first leaning toward the Heed Elixir that I tried a few months ago.

My two sources are a Pro-Ject turntable and a Bluesound node 2i. Hi Paul, thank you for this review. It has pushed me to purchase the A arriving today. I love that you take the time to respond Light Of Love - April & The Pennies / The Pennies - Light Of Love (Vinyl) every comment on here!! I do have a question if I may. My current set up is a 5.

Will the Audiolab create a better sound than the Rotel? Will sending the music from Amazon straight to the Audiolab via bluetooth create a better sound than going through the Denon AVR? Thanks again! Thanks Phil and yes, the Audiolab will be better than the Rotel. You can go further by separating the Bluetooth module and putting that in its own chassis. For example, the Bluesound Streamer which features Bluetooth. It sounds better alone, separated from each other.

When you bundle lots of features inside one chassis, it causes issues such as electrical interference leaks to neighbouring components, veiling sound and lowering sonic quality.

Separating those components stops that and improves sound quality. Just makes me want to spend more on new speakers lol. Thin about the Spendor A1 stand mounts too. Dear Paul, I thoroughly enjoyed your writing about the audiolab a as it reaffirms my own impressions.

I enjoyed the rogers previously with my luxman integrated amp, a VAC integrated, and a luxman cl35 pre with a luxkit tube amp. I wanted to try a modern amp for the bt capabilities, remote control, and hopefully the benefits of modern evolved technological advancements. Thanks for considering my ambiguous question! Honestly the budget would be low if i want to pull the trigger quickly but it could go up to maybe double the value of the a optimistically with the right combination of enthusiasm and peak timing of the spouse approval factor.

Practically speaking the rogers are being used on a bookshelf against a wall in a wide room so small speakers would fit the set-up. If there is a budget pair that could compete or better the rogers that would be great news. If there were a particular set of floor standers or larger bookshelf speakers that were a particularly outstanding pair with the Audiolab though I would consider getting rid of the shelf.

Can I use the a to drive the concept 40? Or should i pair it with a power amp? Anything to recommend for the power amp? Any alternative? Your review and your comments helped to convert my spark to a flirt. After plenty of listening within this period, I have to admit that the Audiolab A is a great piece of gear! The sound quality is amazing across the spectrum. The bass is pleasantly deep and solid, the mids are mellow and the trebles are really nice, sweet and easy to listen.

In general, I find the sound well-balanced and pleasant, without being boring at all. Comparing it to my previous amp, a Yamaha A-S, the difference is almost chaotic. The Yamaha was making my Kef Qs sounds very bright and tiring to listen to for a long time.

The listening fatigue disappeared in total the moment I installed my Audiolab. As soon as possible, I would buy yourself a dedicated Pre to enhance sound quality. So I would wait until you had the cash for the Power and were within spitting distance of grabbing a Pre. Hello Paul, Could you recommend a good pre-amplifier in this price range instead of using AudiolabA as a pre. I am really confused which one will suit my needs. My plan is to buy a good power amp, or maybe step it up and buy mono blocks.

Any suggestions? Again, what budget do you have for a power? Hello Paul, Thanks for your advice. I figure I could shell out around 1. In this price point which one is better — power or monoblocks. Any suggestions and advice. BTW, I really enjoy watching your reviews, they are informative as well as entertaining. More power to you:. XTZ is difficult to come by here. I could wait till the pandemic stabilizes and stocks are available or buy something which is available out here and hope it works out well.

God Bless Kenny. Just to say I stumbled upon your review last year when I was trying to work out what to purchase within my price range. I do have one question though. Hi Luke — thanks for your comments and yes, the amp will be able to handle your new headphones. HI Paul, I hope this finds you well. I really enjoyed reading your Audiolab A review, I have always found your write ups very insightful. What are your thoughts on how the A compares to the Cambridge Audio CXA81 particularly in regard to soundstage and bass response?

Would the Audiolab be able to drive my NHT 1. I do hope to grab a selection of Cambridge kit in the future, when I get a bit of time, so cannot provide a direct comparison just yet Miguel. Great Review. I have Q Acoustics i towers along with center channel and side surround — using it in my living room for everyday tv watching, listening to music while cooking, watching some netflix, playing some youtube videos. Running it all with Denon AVR.

Wondering to purchase this A — connect as home theater bypass and run the front two i speakers for better stereo listening — would they suit well with — I am fan of warm non fatiguing sound. A real all-rounder, I use it for music and movies too, not need tone or subwoofer, it shakes the room with a pair of Heco Elementa bookshelf loudspeakers. The power is okay but the sound. Good idea to change? Best regards Peter.

Hi Peter, tonally, the A is very balanced and it handles bass very well as it integrates it into the mix, as it where. I wouldnt say that it emphasises any one frequency so if you want bass emphasis, then this might not be for you. Thank You for reply, as I read on forums the audiolab sound is precise but dry.

I not need extra linear-high end or audiophil sound because I listen all kind music not only hi-res or jazz, classical music. Thanks, your posts are great! Best regards Peter from Hungary. Hi Paul — Enjoyed the A review and posts. I am debating upgrading my int. Setup: I listen to broad range from classical — folk — rock; but not at loud levels.

Ortofon 2m bronze cart. Listening room is about 12 x 18 ft with speakers along the long axis. Amp first: Audiolab A is top on my list for a new amp, and thought it would also improve CD playback by connecting Yamaha S over digital.

Again, any thoughts on these two for a neophyte with streamed music — or another suggestion? Do I grill chicken or boil an egg? Hi Peter, yep the A would be ideal for you. The N would fit nicely in aesthetic terms with the A, though.

Either are perfect choices. I bought the PMN. I also have the music stored on a NAS drive. Obviously there are pros and cons in which way to go. If you choose the Marantz, you are putting all your eggs in their streaming basket. Even if you are using online streaming services, I suspect the Marantz will be capable for many years to come. It might be worth you taking a look at the PMN, as it does seem to meet you requirements. Thank You but I not need network player, I had great cd collection so my primary source is the cd player.

Paul thanks for your confirmation on the A match with my general system — and yes combo with the N would be an aesthetic match. I live in a rural part of Canada with very little opportunity to access in store demos, and in particular to be able to do pair-wise comparisons between products. That why I rely on reviewers like Paul. I found one online supplier of Audiolab so far other than purchasing from Amazon.

I will look into a few more online review of the Marantz, but thanks for your insight and comments on Heos ease of use. Hi Peter! Hi PaulThank you for detailed review. Am looking for an Amplifier. Currently my speakers are Elac Debut B6. Which one will you suggest? Mostly listening to Bluescountry songs, jazz. I find the A tonally more balanced. It can integrate bass into the mix more naturally, I find.

Whats your suggestion in this? Hi Paul. I ordered a package deal this weekend for the A and Node 2i from an online supplier in Quebec. Price before tax was equivalent Light Of Love - April & The Pennies / The Pennies - Light Of Love (Vinyl) GBP.

The N streamer lists GBP, but not offered as a package with the amp. Reading through your A review and the subsequent comments over the past months was instrumental in the purchasing decision so thanks again. Just got my A and on unboxing was surprised to see the iec power socket on amp has only 2 pins no ground and the power cord US is not only 2 pin, but also non-polarized can fit wall plate either way.

So, the phono input itself has a ground nut, but that would just be to the amp itself and not through to house wiring as with 3 pin plug. Feel free to jump in. Yes — no problem to wait on Audiolab and thanks for contacting them. This is normal practice for lots of modern hi-fi products and allows for a uniform design approach enabling the manufacturer to sell the same product in different countries regardless of whether mains earth is present or not.

It has no bearing on the audio quality and in many cases make it easier to avoid hum loops. Have seen references to double insulation — Class II protects against shock hazard. So now curious about phono ground screw on the A. Is it functional within a floating ground, or just there because people would expect one to be? Jan Ertner mentions the A design should make it easier to avoid hum loops. The TT and the phono box each have a ground screw of their own.

Fine to wait — am researching coax digital cable options as well as power cord upgrades — lots to keep me busy. Hi Paul, what a wonderful review! I really appreciate your frank commentary. I am in the process of updating my stereo system after a 40 year hiatus. My Kenwood integrated amp is long gone. I see that you prefer the A to the CXA Are you familiar with the Peachtree? My current turntable is an equally old Dual that, due to rough moves, has seen better days.

I was thinking of getting a Rega 2 or 3. Given the system that I am building, which of these two turntables would be appropriate? Any other suggestions for turntables? I had been considering a Pro-Ject Carbon, but was concerned about motor hum.

Any suggestions on cartridges? I heard that the Ngaoka MP is quite nice. Is the Elys 2 a substantial upgrade over the MP? It sounds like the Audiolab CDT is a wonderful product and match for the A, so no questions there. Finally, would you suggest investing in a dedicated streamer or simply using a computer source for streaming media? Thanks much for your help! The Rega 3 would be the better bet. The featured cartridge is fine for now.

A dedicated streamer would be a preferred purchase. Hi Paul, thanks much for swift advice. It is much appreciated. Sounds like the A and Rega 3 are the way to go. I found a number of nice conversion units, Peachtree T1, X1 and Schiit Eitr; all of which have been discontinued. Given that the D10 has a DAC, analog only amps are fine. So, I looked at integrated amps at a number of different price points. If you were given the same cost challenge, would you pick the same amps?

I realize that this is very subjective, but with social distancing, I am not able to listen to any of these system combinations. Your thoughts on this are much appreciated. They add another link to the signal chain and threaten to dull sonics. As for amps?

The A is the best option in terms of sonics but then you do pay for that, of course. I have an old pair of Mission i bookshelves they are 6 ohms, and I really love them! The A would certainly get the best out of your speakers Max. From the source downwards, as it where. Could I use the Audiolab as a preamp with the Dyns? I quite like the sound of Dynaudio as a brand but think the Xeos lack a bit of depth at times.

Will the Audiolab be able to drive the R3s. What would you recommend XZT not available at the moment. I know they are at different ends of the spectrum but would value your thoughts. One final thing sorrywhat speaker cable would you recommend? Thanks Pete. Hi Pete — To buy the A and then use it as a preamp would be a complete waste of the design, to be honest.

I would go for passive speakers for the A. Sure, the R3s would be a fine addition and should run ok. For cables, buy the best QED cable you cn afford on Amazon, the price follows performance on these. Going to hold off on a streamer for now as counting the pennies but sounds like the audiolab could be a contender. Great review, can you share your answer to Savan Panchal on 12th May at pm?

Also between a vs ms2i or ms3i if it really a step up. Hi Paulo — I think Savan posted the same question over multiple platforms and YouTube was the first one I saw, answered that and saw the question here later. Both are nice but the benefits would be questionable. I would save and go for the next level up. Hi Paul, Thanks for your review. You need the right tool for the job.

Thank you for the advice Paul! I appreciate it. Please do share your thoughts on a suitable pre amp? Thanks for your reply, Paul! Do you recommend I pair it with an external DAC. Or would you recommend another dedicated preamp with a better DAC. Separating hifi components is always a good thing as it lowers the noise floor so yes.

Check out the DACs from Schiit — they offer great value. Hello Paul, Thanks for your help. Hello Paul, Thanks for the fantastic reviews, really clear and easy to understand advice whilst paying attention to different budgets.

Am looking at the following, can you let me know if its a good match please? Thank you for your detailed review both here and on YouTube. I love that you respond to so many comments on here too! Your review was part of my thinking in ordering a a Play, which I assume will perform very similar to the a. Is that still the case, or do you have an opinion on how big the difference in music quality is between these?

Somewhat related, I would love to connect my a to both my indoor speakers and then switch to the outdoor ones when needed too they would Not be used at the same time. Is there a simple selector that can accomplish this without impact to audio quality?

Simple and cheap switch units like this introduce lots of noise into the chain. The Cambridge is much more expensive than the A so the comparison is not wholly fair. I appreciate the response.

The only difference is that the 6AP would also provide a full fledged streamer with Play FI in addition to the integrated Amp, while the CXA81 would require some other source for high quality music. BlueSound vs. Is it about having a warmer sound profile on the CXA81? That would provide an excellent sound output.

Hi Paul — thanks for the incredibly useful review. And Bluetooth might be handy too! Would you recommend using the A in this way, with a CDQ?

Would the older power amp sound much better at low-ish to medium volumes? My room is about 4. Hi Paul, hope you are doing well.

I have recently purchased the bluesound node2i and this acts as my pre-amp and DAC. Now i am currently upgrading the bookshelf speakers and power amp.

My question is regarding choosing the amp. Along with the audiolab a integrated amp, I have also shortlisted the Edwards audio P7 as it is a dedicated stereo amp. Do you have any feedback on the P7 compared to the a. While I am very satisfied with the reviews and suggestions for the a, I am only considering the P7 as they are seperates and from what I hear seperates are still the better option.

For your reference, I am looking at the Q acoustics i or other speakers in the same budget. Whereas, I know the A is tonally balanced. Hi Paul — thanks a lot for your inputs. I am definitely leaning toward the a.

However, is there a way to bypass the volume control on the a as the bluesound node2i acts as the preamps. If I use the analog inputs to the a does this do the job in bypassin the volume control on the a?

Much appreciate your inputs. Thanks Paul, to do this i would need to use digital out from the 2i? Coax would be best, yes because Light Of Love - April & The Pennies / The Pennies - Light Of Love (Vinyl) A has some special, low noise, attention given to this port which enhances sound quality. Hi, Paul, and thanks for the review.

At the risk of asking you to repeat yourself, did you say that the A would work well with the XT8Fs? Or should I consider a different amplifier or different speakers? Any advice would be much appreciated!

Hi Paul, Thank you for your very detailed reviews. Tough question probably, but which one would be the best match with Audiolab? I am mostly a jazz and soul listener with sometimes classical solo pieces. My room is rather large 8 x 5 meters but I have neighbors with whom I do not want ro be in trouble.

A tough one because of the size differences. The A2s will provide better bass response, the Dalis are nimble, agile and pacey. Either should work well.

Reading up on A and CDT while waiting for mine to arrive. Chose the Audiolab combo as a modern day upgrade. Really enjoy sound of Pioneer vs Denon for music and anticipating the A would at least sound as good, hopefully better. Where I live limits me to research only without auditioning gear beforehand.

Will this A and CDT combo be a step up or sideways? Any comments would be appreciated. Hi Marc, Up. Ended up bi-amping polks using pre out to line in… A for highs and pioneer for lows. Am able to blend using volume and tone controls of pioneer and what a big difference. Thanks for this great review Paul. Will it be better quality all round to add DAC and bluetooth to Brio separately? Any advice very welcome. Both amps are excellent Graham.

If you have enjoyed the Brio then, by all means, go for that. That said, an external phono amp and DAC will offer superior sonics. I prefer the A for its tonal balance but I could easily live with either. Hello Paul,its a great review, easy to understand even for a newbie like me. I was planning to get a AV receiver of Marantz NR with a subwoofer and Mission LX-2, however I realized my use for music is more than movies therefore considering a good AMP which can last many years and give me better quality sound for music compared to a AVR plz correct me if I am wrong.

How would the A pair with a pair Mission QX-2? Hi Andy — you can connect the A via the optical port. That should be fine.

Hi Paul great review I currently have the A and am very happy with it. The Bronze 2 are OK maybe a bit too bright and would like more controlled bass. I am considering the Wdale Evo 4.

Odd question… does anyone use this amp with optical out from a TV? Thanks Richard — you can use the optical.

Only difference here is that the DAC is built into the A. Go for it. OK, thanks for that David, My advice? Before you spend a lot of cash on speakers, I would plough more money into the source first. A turntable upgrade would be a good idea but, if not then an improved cartridge and external phono amplifier would be my first ports of call.

Hi Paul, probably late, but I would have a modest question. Of course, in the last two cases with the accompanying phono preamplifiers. Thanks for the reply, faithful reader. Thanks for the recommendation. You confirmed my first choice.

If so, where would you look? Or maybe a sub-woofer….? Well not to their full potential anyway. In terms of a pre-amp, are you recommending something like the Schiit becuase you think it will do a better job than the A in pre-mode, or were you thinking more of the cost angle — ie.

On a broader point, I find both your website and your Youtube channel most enjoyable. Thanks for all the effort you put in. Please bear in mind these comments relate specfically to the combination of Kef LS50 Meta speakers with the Audiolab A amplifier. I should also say that this is by no means a bad setup.

There seems to be a sweet spot at middle volumes where everything sounds good and there is a reasonable amount of bass. However at low volumes, the bass falls off significantly, so much so, that at volumes consistent with night-time listening in a small house, there is very little bass at all. Conversely at high volumes, the trebble is a little bit shrill for my taste.

I understand that the LS50 Metas are small speakers, and are never going to produce thunder. I contacted KEF about whether I should look at a different amp, or maybe a subwoofer as the solution. Their response was interesting and helpful:. I would invest in a new amp in the first instance before looking to add a subwoofer. I love my old Audiolab a because of the sound and the fact that it has tone controls which I feel I cannot live without.

Would it be possible to connect my Audiolab a to the new Audiolab a and use it as a preamp and still be able to use the tone controls. If so how exactly should I connect the two amps together please. If you love your A then keep that and enjoy it. If you need a pre-amp then buy a specialist pre-amp but then also buy a specialist power amp to hook it too. The A is an integrated amp and should be used as such. I always advise using the right tools for the job. Hi Paul thanks for your reviews, normally i watch you on youtube, but this time i came to your site, i have a question for you, which one is sonically better, audiolab 6oooa or rega brio r?

Thanks for joining us on the site here and…I like both. Hi Paul, thank you for your excellent review. I am now seriously considering purchasing a A but I have one concern. I play a lot of vinyl and tone contols have been usful to me. Possibly down to budget amps and inconsistent vinyl, I have always needed to adjust the bass between neutral and full gain. Is there a workaround if I am unhappy with the tonal balance such as adding a phono amp with tone controls? Hopefully the better tonal characteristics of the A will mean my concerns are unfounded but this is a leap of faith for me given my lack of exposure to better quality amps.

Hi Martin — tone controls are types of EQ. They fundamentally change the nature and personality of the default sound output. Secondly, you own a hifi. The components of which have been carefully one hopes engineered to perform to the best of its ability, following a sonic envelope dictated by the designer.

Within, the designer has aimed for a blend of frequencies that produce the required and intended sonic signature. I had so much fun the other night doing this with my family, with a cup of tea.

Your ideas are truly inspiring. Thank you for sharing. I am going to have to find an old book or two and make my own friend named Krylon! What a fabulous idea! Crystal Homemaker in Heels. Thanks so much for sharing!!

Love this! My boyfriend, mom, sister and I will be making these Sat. I will be sure to blog about it and let you know how we make out! Hi Kara! So cool and Light Of Love - April & The Pennies / The Pennies - Light Of Love (Vinyl).

This is just the cutest pumpkin! I loved this project so much, I shared it in my Saturday Seven lineup this week! This is such a cute idea! I featured it today at So Creative. This is so cute, trying to decide what book I want to use right now.

I would love for you to share this at my any linky goes party. Love this idea. This is sooooo cute! I absolutely love it…very creative! I would love for you to come link this up; my readers will adore it.

That is so stinking cute! Great tutorial to! I will be making these to add to my fall decorations! I just posted on my blog about Halloween Decorations and I added a link to your pumpkin! I am going to have to find some old books! Oh how cute! I find then the cheapest at the library when they get rid of the old books. I love how it turned out! It reminds me of my book paper apple nobiggie. I totally remember your darling paper apple Kami! This is seriously one of the most creative projects I have seen for a while!

Thanks for the awesome tutorial! I love, love, love this! It is so dang cute! One of my fall favorites for sure! I stumbled and pinned this too — I just love it that much! What a fun idea! Found you through The Shabby Creek Cottage. Visit me at afabulesshome. I love this! I am going to have to pin it and try to make a little pumpkin patch of my own. Time raid the library to see if they have any free paperbacks to give away!

Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

This post may contain affiliate links, which gives me a small percentage of the sale, at no cost to you. Share Tweet Pin. Next Post: Apple Almond Muffins ». Comments When u say inside edges are you talking at the spine between the pages or the top and bottom of the pumpkin shape?

What a novel idea! I love fall decor and these really make a statement for the season. Band saw. My husband just bought one. Shared it on my CraftBliss Facebook page. Thanks for Creating and Sharing! How thick of a book should I use? About how many pages was yours? Have you ever made one of these to look like a Christmas ornament? I think I might try it!

This is completely fabulous!! Something I will def have to try! I love this pumpkin and want to try making it. Almost anything is possible. It depends on how much time and money you want to spend. Option 1 is the quickest but most expensive way to get a campervan. Option 2 gives you more control over how the finished van will be. But do all the sums first, as it could cost you more than option 1.

Option 3 will take a lot longer, but will save you a lot of money. If you are handy at DIY you could compromise. Have someone fit the pop-top roof for you, then slowly do the conversion yourself.

You can buy complete DIY kits already made, then just fit it yourself. Any idea where I might find some info. I can source vinyl and it will be cheaper than getting them done myself. Front or back Do you mean front cab doors or rear van doors? The rear doors are easy to do, as they are flat. Simply measure the car area. Cut a piece of plywood to the right size. I used 6mm plywood. Round the corners if Light Of Love - April & The Pennies / The Pennies - Light Of Love (Vinyl).

Glue the vinyl to the plywood. Once dry carefully cut the excess of the plywood. Screw the plywood to the door. I wanted to know How they got the lines in the vinyl. Poss heat pressed? My mum has a 20 year old Mitsubishi van given to her, she has put a bed in it and she wants me her daughter to lining the inside of it for her so she can travel australia.

It has windows either side with 2 sliding doors. I considered covering it with contact, putty and thick paint, lino or carpet. I have no idea how to do it or what to do, can anyone help!!! I am desperate. Are you asking what is Hi. Are you asking what is the best way to line the inside? If so plywood is generally the best idea. Using thin plywood, maybe 6mm or 5mm you can bend it gently to match the curves of the van.

Hi, thank you so much for Hi, thank you so much for your help. My mum has 2 windows in the van that open with security screens, would you have any ideas how could I do the plywood finish around them? Also around the doors?

Thank you. Any ideas where to get one or anyone who supplies and fits??? Also seeking same for old shape Skudo, type vans or indeed a fibreglass high top for any of the above.

Havent yet decided which base van to use but it will be in those size ranges and models or derivatives off. I have found bases but is there such a place where you could buy the seat as well? Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Im going to strip it all out and renew the lining.

Would polystyrene be a good insulation to use as im on a budget. I know many peope have used it, and found traces of it when I converted my Sprinter. Polystyrene will provide some kind of insulation, and is cheap and easy to fit. I think you can find better materials, but it should work fine. Any ideas? Thanks, Adam. Thinsulate is a brand sold by 3M. I suspect there are cheaper and more available versions of the same product.

But what are they called. I noticed thinsulate is used by boat builders. Maybe call some boat builders or parts suppliers and see what they say. There may be cheaper products they can recommend. Airtec Insulation I found this supplier of Airtec Insulation while browsing. They seem to be a fair bit cheaper than Screwfix. Good old price comparison sites. BTW, I am kicking around ideas at the moment for a van conversion of my own. Can mask mobile phone signals as they are aluminium foil, they are best sealed with good quality duct tape as air leakage is the biggest loss of heat.

I am a Building Inspector so see lots of this stuff, if you consider polystyrene it is about half as good as the Celotex or PUR foam insulations and make sure its fire resistant. Merry Xmas to all Camper Van people…. Insulation A great product used in house building is Thinsulex — this is a multi layered foil insulation with very good thermal properties for a relativley small thickness. Can get it in rolls from any good builders merchant. For the vehicle to be classified as a campervan the DVLA have guidelines, which include windows, bed and cooking facilities.

No problem I thought just buy a glass fibre roof. Only problem is I cant find anyone who makes them. Any ideas or do i have to buy standard SWB stuff and fabricate? Fridge and gas stove? How would a fridge or the gas stove work? Would the gass bottle be safe if left in the van. Gas bottles are fine left in Gas bottles are fine left in the van. They need to be stored upright, and securely. The gas bottle has a regulator on the top, which has a tap, to cut-off the gas supply.

The stove or fridge can be attached to the regulator. You can attached both at the same time with a splitter. Gas — for when camping remotely free camping 3. This uses the vehicles 12 v power supply. The gas must be turned off when travelling. Van Conversions Best wishes to all that have or are planning van conversions.

My wife and I love touring the Western Islands. They didnt have a problem at the preceding Easter. There were no issues elsewhere. My Transit conversion Hi mate, i hope you dont mind me asking but who did your conversion for you and how much was it. I have recently bought a transit van LX 57lpate and am looking for ideas to do it up.

SWB transit Hi i was just wondering on the layout of your SWB transit, my boyfriend and I have just bought one and we were just wondering how to do the bed…do you have any pictures of yours you can put up here?? Most people like to use rock Most people like to use rock wool. Be sure to attach it to the van walls, as it will slip down otherwise.

Its been previously converted as a sort of motorbike carrying camper. Its been split into a living area and a workshop.

Ive purchased it to go racing in next year with my bikes, abroad and in the uk. Im going to strip all the existing interior out and start fresh as the wood used in the conversion is far too heavy. A double bed will then be installed, a fold down bed at the front, full kitchen, shower etc.

Ive got a bet on with some mates, if i can finish it before next march they will pay for all the fuel and ferries etc for the 4 of us to go to the french alps snowboarding.

And we are going to live in the camper for a week. Cheap snowboarding holiday!!! I think id best make sure it has the best insulation and a decent heater! A veg oil conversion will help bring down the fuel costs. I need to carefully lay out the interior. Im going to model it in 3d at work before commencing any works as i dont want to have to rip out something i have already done to fit more wiring etc.

Ive become a bit anal about things as ive gotten a little older 26! Everything has to be done perfectly. Best thing about the van — the electric opening side door. Ill hopefully be keeping a blog. I purchased the van from a local trail riders club and they are all keen to see my new project take shape. Shouldnt take you more than 6 Shouldnt take you more than 6 weeks. But your van sounds very cool! Would love to see some pics when you get to it.

Please keep us up to date. If you sign up as a member on his website you can keep a blog, and I am just adding a photo gallery for members also. Falling down overhead storage problem I am having a problem with overhead storage units. My storage cabinets on one side of my class b rv van fell down.

I am trying to determine how exactly to put it back up. The bottom is still hanging it is everything else that fell. If it was a house I would have a better idea of what to do.

I am not clueless of what to do I am just not sure. So the bottom of the cupboard So the bottom of the cupboard is still fixed to the wall, but the sides and front have fallen away?

How is every held together? Screws or glue? Sorry for the late reply. I actually just ripped out the hardboard ceiling that was in the van. Then saw where all the steel trusses are. Took 9mm interior ply and screwed the sucker on to that. I now have a very strong platform to work from.

I havnt actually started putting the overhead units in, but the beds and bottom units are almost complete. Working on it full time has become a problem as we are entering high season on construction front here.

I will try and post some pics today. I myself am having a problem with overhead storage units. My storage cabinets on one side of my class b rv van fell down and almost hit me in head. The answers you seem to have gotten seem to be hitting on the right direction. Have you progressed with your cabinet situation…. Note also I have seen a few conversions online that showed what they did to prepare the walls to hang cabinets. I am going to review my emails to see if I can find the info.

I am about to convert a Nissan interstar into a campervan. There will be no panelling work done, as the vehicle already has stock panelling. Can i fix the overhead storage units into the stock paneling or do i have to fit new paneling for more strength?

The rest of the shopfitting is a breeze, i am just concerned about the durability of the fixings into all the existing panels. It depends on how strong your panelling is, how it is attached to the van, and how much weight you intend to hang off it. My van had 9mm ply lining the van. This was screwed directly to the metal struts of the van frame. This made is very strong. With 6mm ply I would hang less weight from it, but you can still hang a fairly heavy cupboard from it. I will probably have to replace the existing panelling then as it is only 3 mm hardboard with carpet cladding.

Its the one with both in the same unit. It is quite a mission to get all the correct fittings sitting on this side of the world. My e-mail address is to follow. If you can find the metal If you can find the metal struts underneath the existing hardwood, you can screw the cupboards directly into the metal, using self tapping screws.

This will prevent you having to remove the existing wood. We are interested in layout tips and also advice around the best electrical system to use how to rig up an electrical zig unit?

Many thanks for any help you can give! Your email address will not be published. Build your dream van. This book will guide you through every step, from choosing a van, to designing the layout, to plumbing and electrical systems, to self-building your new dream home — all in as little as 21 days. Find out more. The ultimate guide to the very best scenic and fun routes for camper vans and motorhomes around the valleys, mountains and coastlines of wonderful England and Wales.

Have you ever dreamt about having your own home on wheels with everything you need to live and travel the open road? Imagine being able to live wherever you want, travelling the world with everything you need in your own cosy home on wheels. Image by Vanguard Conversions. Anonymous June 18, at pm. Eric Elvis October 8, at pm. Christina Mayo June 15, at pm. LaRondaz Van Planet November 16, at am. Sorry I posted to incorrect section.

Newbie — lol. Darren November 16, at pm. Anonymous October 11, at pm. HI, I am looking to buy a campervan, but would like some feedback on what works best, a front or rear kitchen, thanks Reply.

Sherrie December 3, at am. Gothic Kate August 14, at pm. Does anyone make or supply ready—made removable conversions that would fit a Fiat Doblo? Anonymous April 14, at pm. Margaret April 18, at pm. Rob November 7, at am. Bill March 21, at am. Darren October 7, at am.

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