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Rust (Part 3)

22.10.2021 2 By Kigabar

Rust (Part 3)

 · This is the third part in a series on writing a very simple web application in Rust. So far, we have the the pieces for an MVP in separate rust files. Here, .

 · Build an API in Rust (Part 3) Welcome to the third and last part of the guide on how to build an API in Rust! To follow this guide you will need to have the code from the second part. If you haven't checked it out yet, please do! This time I will explain how to protect the POST /items endpoint with a JWT (JSON Web Token). Again, I will put all.

 ·  · The latter seemed like more of a Rust approach, and we took it. Which leaves us here in Part 3. We built on our attribute getter approach, turning it into an instance method and allowing inputs. We earned the final piece with a few scars to show for it, and we have our own runtime reflection system for Rust.

 · This video picks up where our story left after the the second video of this series, Downfall. I would recommend you go watch that video, and the first video.

 · On lines 5–7 we insert 3 Key-Value pairs, the same way as in Python, but in Rust we need to call ‘insert’ method on our Hash Map. If we want to add a Vector with multiple values, like we do on the line 7, we need to make a Vector a default Value type for the whole Hash Map, even if we add a single Value like we do on lines 5 and 6.

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